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AttUverse Reviews

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  • Poor customer service

    I have been with uverse for several years. I have been calling them for interruption of signal and they keep telling me to reboot it every time. But can't do it anymore. So I called them. They sent their senior tech but was not able to fix it. This is after several technicians that came to my house to fix the problem. Still not fix. They keep on calling me and I requested for their supervisor to call me but they were mocking me. Never will recommend u verse. Thats what happen with monopoly. Government should protect the public. More...
    (Cable TV)
    janomarjoemen's Picture   janomarjoemen    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T U-verse one of the worst experiences I have had. Billing is terrible!!

    I have had U-verse TV & Inter-net for several years. When I had a problem with my then current phone company's service and they could not resolve it, I decided to add U-verse home phone. It took many, many phone calls over a month before it finally went live. The sales person quoted me a price and when my 1st bill came it was over the quoted amount by $140. Again, on the phone for over an hour, and the final amount still wasn't what I had been quoted. The only reason I didn't fire them was that Comcast is no better. My 2nd bill came today and it's again wrong, this... More...
    BobA1's Picture   BobA1    0 Comments   Comments

    (Cable TV)
    QBANPETE74's Picture   QBANPETE74    1 Comments   Comments
  • Such poor, poor service

    I am ready to blow a gasket!! I switched to Uverse a year ago. They ran a cable from house to the road underground - except for in my back yard. I STILL have a huge cable on the ground in my yard! It's ridiculous! I have been told four times now that they'd be out to bury it. I spoke to a service rep yesterday at 6PM who said it was schedules for 8AM-6PM today (Saturday). Didn't ask if that was OK just told me I needed to be here. This is my only day off for 5 days. Yes, I had plans for the day and one of them included sleeping in a little this morning. But I... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Lisalisa0007's Picture   Lisalisa0007    0 Comments   Comments
  • On Hold To Long and Rude Customer Service

    We just moved to the St. Louis Mo. area so,I had to use a friend Credit Card because we closed out all of our accounts to move. I signed up for U-verse Oct,1 2011 for wireless and Cable TV. By being a new customer,I Receive a 14 day free Tech Support. I called 13 days later and canceled the free Tech Support. Like I was told to do or they would automaticlly charge my friends card $9.99 a month thereafter. They did not cancel the Tech Support and charged 3 months to my friends card. I called U-verse to inform them of the mistake. I was on hold for 45 Min. They finally answered my call. I... More...
    (Cable TV)
    wilmajc1's Picture   wilmajc1    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T UVerse Battery Failure Causes 22 Day Outage!

    On Monday, January 2, 2012, the battery in the UPS of my AT&T UVerse unit failed, causing my TV, internet, and home phone to go out. We called customer service, who told us that a new battery would be delivered by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 4. When no battery arrived, we called customer service again on January 5. They told us that, due to "High Demand," they could not deliver a battery, replacement unit or otherwise get us ANY service until January 24 or after. My wife spent over an hour on the phone with AT&T UVerse customer service, speaking to a supervisor,... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • AT&T Uverse

    Stay as far away from this as possible..the Uverse people discoed in error both my landlines, wireless never worked...cable changing channels was soooo slow...and I had this all installed on June 21, 2011, on June 27, my security system was discoed, my phone lines, wireless nor ethernet even never worked..I talked to 43 reps, 4 states and 1 country and no accountability..I cancelled July 13 and no charges and have DirectTV and High speed internet with other carriers....I called the exec office and they paid the charges for Uverse, credited all the incorrect billing for my phone lines they... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • dvr issues

    I have been having issues dvr-ing a few shows that I set to record but they dont show up in the 'recorded' nor 'by title' icons, although some other show record b4 and after those missing. Also I have a few dvr-ed show that have disappeared although the series shows they are still set to record. I have set a series to dvr and it only shows it is set to record on M T but not W R F when the show is on 5 days a week. What is up with these problem? bwb More...
    (Cable TV)
    bwb50's Picture   bwb50    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T should know better

    I recently switched from DISH to AT&T U-Verse specifically to get the YES and SNNY channels. I've had it for a month now and ALL the live games on both of these channels are "blacked out in your viewing area"...(Texas). What the hell is wrong with AT&T!!?? They are nationwide & should know that if you don't live in the Metro New York area, you can't see ANY live games AND THEY SHOULD DISCLOSE THIS INFO TO THE REST OF THE COUNTRY BEFORE SELLING THEM THESE CHANNELS. I feel like I've been tricked into switching and getting a LOT less than I expected. More...
    (Cable TV)
    stickball's Picture   stickball    1 Comments   Comments
  • uverse ups and downs

    so i work for att uverse heres the thing about it. if you are in the right area for uverse it is by far the best product out there. i hear alot of people that complain about there service with uverse if its a signal problem your having then you should get another provider thats it. if its something little or you need help call att uverse and ask for retention. the picture quality is phanomenal the internet is a dedicated line so if your signal is strong enough your internet wont lag ever. the phone is voip phone its the best thing out there. heres the pros and cons of uverse from my... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • customers are always wrong

    they send a person door to door.they tell you a price for one year.but that's not true it's six months.butiwas wrong.the paper i signed with the door to door person said it wasn't a contract but when you want to stop service they say you have a contract. once again i was wrong.when Iasked where is this paper work i signed with all my personl information on it.that this door to door person had.they don't know what I'm talking about. again I was wrong.Isn't there a hippa law protecting personal information. very concened about this. also it's pretty bad when... More...
    (Cable TV)
    2200's Picture   2200    0 Comments   Comments
  • service sux

    we signed up with at%t uverse around sept 16th.. we have had nothing but problems since oct.!! we have had numerous guys out here and everytime they come as we have to be here so they can get in and they tell us the problem is in the liune at the pole!! nothing gets fixed!!! it works for a day and back to freezing up , which not only does it affect the cable but the internet and the phone line!!!!This is rediculous and a huge annoyence . we are very dissatisfied and want this to be fixed!! we pay 160. a month and the service sux!! i want reimbursed. More...
    (Cable TV)
    krohler1's Picture   krohler1    1 Comments   Comments
  • ATT Cannot Deliver

    System: Connecting to server. Please wait... System: Connection with server established. System: Technical Support Topic: SST: More Help System: as038t(AJIT) has joined this session! System: Connected with as038t(AJIT) as038t(AJIT): Thank you for contacting AT&T U-verse Member Support, my name is Ajit {as038t}. as038t(AJIT): Let me pull up your account information. as038t(AJIT): Just to verify, am I chatting with the account holder? You: yes xxxxx xxxxxx as038t(AJIT): Thank you. as038t(AJIT): David , if we are disconnected from this chat... More...
    (Cable TV)
    dlrink's Picture   dlrink    0 Comments   Comments
  • Att price review

    salesman from at&t came to home. Had nothing but problems since he came. DO NOT Purchase this!!! Home phone will not work half the time, can not get wireless anymore in home, tv freezes all the time. Phone you hear yourself talking a lot. Call them they don't care they trap you with a year contract. Then you call for help and the person on the other end can not talk ENGLISH!!!! Thank God my year is almost up. With the poor service I am going to move everything from them now. More...
    (Cable TV)
    Nickie19's Picture   Nickie19    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Worst review

    We had U-Verse installed a year ago. Had problems right from the start with phone, internet and TV. They have been to our home nine times and we have had to call them at least 20. The system randomly kicks computers off the system. Customer Service says it is the Gateway (has been changed 5 times). On site techs say it's the main box down the street. Last time we called service we were on the phone 5 and 1/2 hours, they managed to knock every wireless device off the system before they would put an actual tech on the phone. Have been calling and asking to talk to a supervisor for TWO... More...
    (Cable TV)
    ahccd27's Picture   ahccd27    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wireless unlimited phone and directv

    I selected a bundle system from ATT on the Internet in August. I asked for Wireless DSL, Unlimimited Phone service and Direct TV and was given a rate for the above. The components were acknowledged separately and I saved this correspondence. Direct TV was installed successfully. Internet connection was not satisfactory and me Mail Program was corrupted. When I asked for a "fix" I was told that I had to pay an additional $115 for "technical support." I agreed to pay this amount and support person made my Mail program inoperable totally. So I was forced to get my emails... More...
    barbbren's Picture   barbbren    0 Comments   Comments
  • At&T

    Go UVERSE!!!AT&T U-verse of course as the new kid on the block faces an uphill battle against incumbents like Dish Network, DIRECTV, and cable companies like Comcast. Potential subscribers should compare DIRECTV vs U-verse or any other option that may be out there. But with new technology and strong bundles of service, U-verse aims to be a long term player in the pay television market. More...
    (Cable TV)
    NorCal's Picture   NorCal    0 Comments   Comments
  • At&t uverse do suck

    At&t uverse sucks my TV freezes numerous times a day, and it reboots itself in the middle of a program call at&t they send people out and it still does the same thing. They don't know how to fix the problem. Talked to other people that have this service and they also have the same problems. But at&t customer service tells us that they haven't had no complaints about the problem. I have just read many of the same complaints. More...
    (Cable TV)
    neda5462's Picture   neda5462    2 Comments   Comments
  • No Food Network?

    I think is it terrible that ATT Uverse took it upon themselves to take the channels off that they did. Bravo is now on 2 channels...WHO CARES you can only watch 1 channel at a time. Gee to I choose Bravo or Bravo....ATT this was a VERY DUMB move on your part and you will be losing a lot of customers. I don not care for Comcast but I WILL go back to them....STUPID move on your part ATT...VERY DUMB!!!! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Cshell502247's Picture   Cshell502247    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lose of channels

    What in the world happened?! I got the message that my favorite channels MAY be discontinued, but had some level of reassurance that the channels would remain. How in the world could cooking channel, food network and hgtv be removed, and the other 'senseless' channels remain? This is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. I understand matters of budgets and the like, but aren't there other channels that could be taken off, like the ones that teach you NOTHING!? Please, reconsider this move. Put these channels back! More...
    (Cable TV)
    pattiwax70's Picture   pattiwax70    1 Comments   Comments
  • hgtv diyfoodchannel

    I would like to know why you people can not get my channels in that I pay for with out you being so hogish to keep pu with the times.I can not see keeping you on if I can not get what I pay for.If I can Not get a good answer from you I will go back to Comcast where I can get treatment for my money. Thank You;Peter G Segerstedt More...
    (Cable TV)
    zeusladdie's Picture   zeusladdie    0 Comments   Comments

    ATT U-VERSE "MEN IN CHARGE" : I am not happy with my att u-verse experience! I've only been with you for a month and I've already had to call service twice AND replace your digital tuner box! And NOW I realize that you guys have dropped several of my favorite channels!!! Like HGTV and DIY and the Food Network!!! I am paying an exhorbitant amount of money for music channels, spanish channels, ethnic channels and an over abundance of sports channels that I NEVER watch!!! If I could, I'd have a list of the channels that I DO want pay the money required just for what I... More...
    roborick0635's Picture   roborick0635    0 Comments   Comments
  • internet

    I have spent 6 hours with five techs from Att U-Verse to simply install my internet connection with a new computor to no avail. Waiting three days for additional driver and adapter software subsequent to downloading other 2Wire drivers. The finally solutions from tech number five was for me to pay for their tech to come by. My business would suffer greatly if I had to depend on ATT. More...
    (Repair Services)
    tedd's Picture   tedd    0 Comments   Comments
  • ATT Home Solutions Bundle Rip Off

    I was sold a AT&T U-Verse by a sales rep who came to my home. He was Rudy Saravia a "Home Solutions Manager." He gave a good (though fast-talking) pitch and I signed up for service. I was promised 3 discounts off my bill as well as 4 gift cards as a promotion. 2 of the 3 discounts did appear on my bill. I did not received 3 of the reward-cards promised. DO NOT sign up for service through one of these sales reps. When I called Mr. Saravia he told me they had "run out of money" Subsequently I spent aprox. 80 minutes on the phone with ATT customer service to... More...
    (Cable TV)
    robbier's Picture   robbier    1 Comments   Comments
  • OK by me employee works

    When things work like they should I don't rave about them. But when they do work I like to say that. Transferred service from home phone + internet (ATT bundle) to ATTUverse (ph/net/tv) when I moved about 5 miles. No problem in initial Customer Service to set up transfer, understand costs, anything. Installation went smooth, everything worked like it should, and even a couple of times I had to call CS when I moved stuff around the house worked great. It may be more money than I want to pay...but no complaints about the service. I appreciate all the ATT employees that assisted me. No... More...
    (Cable TV)
    SoCal4me's Picture   SoCal4me    0 Comments   Comments

    If you are thinking of leaving your current cable/phone/internet provider for ATTUverse, STOP. Don't do it. We have had nothing but trouble from day one. First of all when we signed up we were told that our area was in the service area that ATT covered. On day 1 of installation the installer said that we were too far out and the phone/internet and cable would not work properly. It took 7 days to resolve and the issues kept coming with service. About a year later, we moved to a new how about two blocks away and the customer service rep said that we had to completely close our account,... More...
    (Cable TV)
    mitnmojo's Picture   mitnmojo    0 Comments   Comments
  • same ole same ole with attuverse

    okay, so i said I'd keep you informed of any changes in my still doesn't work! Todd in San Antonio, a manager says he is going to stick with me until we get resolution on the problem. always an outside problem...everytime i call we go through the same insane routine.inside guy, outside guy, works for 2 hours, goes down again. my husband is a doctor and he can't even come home and do some of his patient write up in our home because he can't rely on having internet to receive his patient files. I hate that att is breaking up my marriage!!!!!... More...
    (Cable TV)
    1mama1's Picture   1mama1    1 Comments   Comments
  • attuverse

    So far ATT Uverse is looking to be a nightmare! starting w/ the installation appointment being moved w/out any notification from ATT despite numerous confirmations throughout the week leading up to the install. Technician basically did a plug and run w/ almost no review of the system (despite the hyped training they claimed would happen), he left my universal remotes and integrated systems a mess. Now that I have the service, I find out you can only be using 2 HD signals at once despite the fact they were happy to sign me up and charge me for 5 TV's and boxes. Then I find out they... More...
    (Cable TV)
    bhglass's Picture   bhglass    1 Comments   Comments
  • Billing

    I try and view my UVerse Account Online and it's so frustrating as only my wireless account shows up. To even talk to them you have to have a password and make a payment with an agent costs you money but I can't even get logged in. VERY FRUSTRATING to even try and pay my bill. When I got the bundle package the rebate card wasn't even valid took 2 hours of my time to take care of and had to use my gas to drive to the store. Was going to pay my bill with the rebate card, they said it was ok to pay the next day and now to make any payment arrangements it says that I... More...
    MouseLilly1's Picture   MouseLilly1    0 Comments   Comments
  • False Advertisement

    I found online Att U Verse 450 bundle for $147.00/ monthly offer good until 7/17/10. When I tried to order it I was told sorry that promoyion is over but you can still have that bundle for $192.00/ monthly. That's to exspensive for me so I was told if that's to much then I need to look at a lower priced bundle. There was nothing they could do online. I would have been a new customer and I know one person might not matter to a company as large as yours but word of mouth does spreed fast. More...
  • CLTV Access

    When I switched from Comcast last October, I questioned the availability of CLTV (Chicagoland TV)which was channel 37 on Comcast. I was told that it was being worked on. I didn't mind too much(even though it's news is excellent) until now, since it is also a alternate channel for Cubs and Sox games. I called customer service and received a scripted answer. I find that apallinging. It's enough to make me want to switch back. More...
  • ratings

    I am a relatively new-comer to ATTUverse, and I absolutely love it!!! Ive tried Comcast, WOW and Dish, but they don't even add up to AT&T. I know now why you're simply the best!!! I will definitely tell all my friends to switch to the best t.v. on the planet. More...
    asmith's Picture   asmith    1 Comments   Comments
  • customer service

    Since Feb 1, 2010 we have had numerous issues with AT&T customer service and our phone/fax issues. We were lied to about U-verse service when we were told that everything would remain the same and we would be paying less per month for the services by signing up with U-verse. We have lost our faxing capabilities/ringmaster, lost our home phone number that we had for nearly 10 years, our home alarm system doesn't work, and most recently we were told that we wouldn't get the $300 rebate card that we were promised when we signed up and agreed to cancel our Dish Network contract... More...
  • Don't switch

    In late January 2010 we signed up for ATT Uverse with phone, internet and tv service. It was installed on February 1 and since then I have been on the phone with ATT constantly. The tv service has been fine and the internet service has been so-so, doesn't seem any faster than the old dsl though , despite the salesmans claims when signed up. The real pain in the neck has been the phone service as I have come to find out after numerous calls to ATT level 2 tech support that faxing, home burgalar alarm systems do not work with voice over internet phone service. Many reps I have talked to... More...
    at00's Picture   at00    0 Comments   Comments
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