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AttUverse Comments

youqinan says: (3 years ago)
I also got a bill for the 'free' month of service, i am very pleased with uverse. I think that att u-verse is better than Comcast--believe me.att uverse channels are more.for more about att uverse to visit:

blinkoc says: (6 years ago)
UVerse Box has no serge protector!!!. My computer and xbox360 where fried through the either net cable.
I have serge protectors connected to all my outlets.
Lightning fried 3 of my boxes in my house and they had to be replaced.
I know it was Ethernet service guy said so and Wireless works, xbox360 turns on but can connect to internet because Ethernet doesn't work. I am out $300 for a new xbox360 and $2200 for my XPS computer.

dboykin says: (7 years ago)
Although we originally ordered U-Verse when it first came to our neighborhood we were lied to about the cost so we cancelled. However a year or so later we were so discusted with Charter Communications (another story) we decided to order U-Verse. We went into the local ATT store as we had many questions about bundles and options. After an hour with a helpful clerk, we ordered. The installer could not have been better even though we had a couple of gliches, he was able to fix them. We LOVE the TV but were having issues with the router which turned out to be a setting on our laptop. We spoke with a tech support person in order to determine that. She was located in the US, knew what we were talking about and was very helpful and gave us some other tips. We have the 200 option and have MANY more channels than the expanded basic cable. In spite of a small learning curve, the TV and DVR are easy to operate

SISTER says: (8 years ago)

rlzk2003 says: (8 years ago)
this the worst service they wont even pick up the phone to take your money let alone service. you cant even cancel because they won't pick the phone up.I'm sick of this service an if i have to contact my congressman because they will not pick the phone up when you call to cancel, i will.

gusphillips says: (8 years ago)
UVERSE system is great. My problemis billing being a snowbird you have no system in place to put this service on hold . I hve to go to the lowest cost & still pay substandial dollars.I changed my phone over to land at your cost , thats alittle bit stupid on your part. What is your tect cost & to send out asecond bill? there must be a million snowbirds doing this.just check the numbers your cost is in the millions.Your people can't see the trees the woods are in the way.

hearingimpaired says: (8 years ago)
Before having AT&TUVerse, I could easily access "closed captioning" by the press on one button on the TV's remote. However, after subscribing to AT&TUVerse with their box and remote, it is a multi-step process to get into and back out of the "closed captioning" option. I am hearing impaired, wear hearing aids and there are some programs which are difficult to understand (accents, voice audio drowned out by background music, rapid speech, etc.). Spouse doesn't need closed captioning at all and it would be really nice to be able to access it quickly for my needs and then back to normal TV viewing otherwise. With all the "options" AT&TUVerse has, you would think they could develop their remote to be able to access "closed captioning" with one button!!! Do they have something against the hearing impaired!

TOOTSIE says: (9 years ago)

rgrusan says: (9 years ago)
i would like rfdtv added to the selection of programs. i don't like having topay program i don't use or like i.e. cartoon or the family channel.also to many blackout when it come to the sports.

honeydew29 says: (9 years ago)
I just want to say that ATT U-Verse is not at all what it is cracked up to be! I am an online student obtaining a Bachelors degree. I have internet and phone services. Did not get the cable cause I am happy with whom I am with! But here is the scenerio. I was hooked up on May 22 2009. Installer came hooked everrything up new digital box and then the modem. Well after he left there was a virus on y computer. I called ATT and they stated that it was there before he got there NOT!!! I stayed on the phone for aprox 12 hours trying to get it fixed untill I came to the soulution just to restore from the point I noticed the problem which was at 9:47am before the installer came. I had my computer researched and pulled history to prove the installer did leave it. ATT came back with an apologie and credited my account for 450.00. That was not all. After that I have had a problem almost every day for the next three weeks. Phone would go out, system would crash or show bradband problem. And to get some one was hell! I have been on the pghone with ATT for aprox 37 hrs and still counting. I have documented each phone call from name to tapes id number and agent id. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU GET THESE they will help you in the long run!!!! And wwhen you have a problem and need tech support skip teir one and go directly to tier 2 they are the ones that know what they are doing! And if they do not want to transffer ask for a manager they have to transfer! I hope no one else has to experience this. Good LUCK!

jojo0023 says: (9 years ago)
We have had U-verse for about 8 months now. I am absolutely disgusted with them. I am on the phone with them or working on problems myself everyday. There wireless router is a piece of crap. I am constantly not connected and its allways low or no connectivity. I am always getting a black screen on all of my shows not to mention the days when I am not subscribed to anything. The picture is great when you actually get it but I should have known it would be bad from the day of installation. I was not home my roommate was. The installer decided to tell her he would be in the crall space connecting it. However he was running it along the siding and drilling holes through my new siding. All and all I hate Uverse.

strike says: (9 years ago)
i have had uverse for about 2 weeks had about 60calls in techs didnt show up people never got back to me they took over 8 hours to put in nothing but trouble so far

hardofhearing says: (9 years ago)
I have had Uverse since Nov08. Everything is fine except for the sound. Why is it that channel 8 and a few other selected channels you have to turn the sound all the way up to hear it? I guess some of these stations do not have enough power to broadcast across the street let alone thru out the county. I wished something would be done about this. Other than that it is fine.

sickofinept says: (9 years ago)
this is the worst excuse for customer service i have ever experienced. who is getting paid there because no one can do their job correctly?

sickofinept says: (9 years ago)
this is the worst service I have ever experienced. makes comcast look good and they are worse then inept. can't get to a supervisor, no one has a phone # to call back, they don't return calls and act like it's a favor to do their job (poorly) the first installer did not install the uverse properly. 30 days later i'm still trying to resolve this. will file complaint to fcc also, att need to be accountable.

fuzion1701 says: (9 years ago)
i have had uverse for 6 mo now and its by far the best hd picture out there.i been with direc tv,charter,comcast and. the colors are better and sharper then ever.u-tv is the bomb....

helenheyboer says: (9 years ago)
We have the U200 package. No MOVIE CHANNELS?? We need some more fun channels to watch.

Nothappy1 says: (9 years ago)
I have been trying to subscribe to uverse. My sales rep has gone completely out of her way to get me set up but my order is in cacellation and has been there for a week and no one knows why. I recieved a confirmation e-mail for something i did not even order so being in cancellation mode no one can help or it seems that way.I have been told cancellation should take 24 to 48 hours well it has been a week so someone needs to get this problem fixed asap or i will have to go to some other service (verizon would love to have my order) I would even speak to the top head of customer service if they would call me. I am not getting any answers to my problem and neither is my sales rep who is doing everything in her power to get me signed up. If this is that big a problem I will be the first to tell them where they can take there service. I have used AT&T for a long time but if this is not resolved pretty quick i will be going somewhere else for my service and that includes my cell phone service. thanks for the time to post this and at&t honcho's call me if you want but probably will not hear from you.

mjoyfull says: (10 years ago)
it is something new and the bugs have to be worked out. i am very pleased with uverse except i was not told how to record but channel 411 is very adequate. the only thing was that i dont remember being told that they would bill me 4 a month in advance. remember, no one is perfect, and att u-verse is better than Comcast--believe me, I know!! Both service wise, and money wise~~

iamtheellis says: (10 years ago)
I got a bill for the 'free' month of service. Service that was APPALLING. We never got HBO the service went out more than once a day. Humans within the company EXTREMELY difficult to contact

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